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Certification Courses

Program Features:

NGA-SCE provide technology backed academic delivery of courses and systematic student support.

  • Academic Support – NGA-SCE offers a range of Academic resources to support learners which include blogs, study plans, online lectures etc.
  • Assessment System – NGA-SCE has a robust Evaluation Engine for Online Assignments and Examinations which allows participants pace their exams. These computers based exams conducted at designated centers across India. Assessments are carefully constructed to encouraging participants to apply their learning to real-world situations.
  • Learning Resources –  NGA-SCE provides over 800 hours of downloadable Online Lectures. It also has a web portal, which works as student zone and forms the center of learning with facilities like online two-way interactions, eBooks, videos, etc.
Specialization is as under:
  • Certificate Program in Digital Marketing
  • Certificate Program in Corporate Communication
  • Certificate Program in Business Management
  • Certificate Program in Intellectual Property Rights
Eligibilty Criteria is as under:
  • S.S.C OR 2 years of work experience

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