Core Members

The Motivators


With an innovative bend of mind this duo brings fresh and challenging ideas to keep our team focused and motivated all the time taking creativity in this field to altogether a different level. In today’s ever changing and dynamic business environment it is very important to make sure that employees and the organization work together to achieve common and personal goal, hence we have a team of this creative duo to help not only our employees but also the management in the time of need.


Process driven and organized are the two words that are often used to describe our talent acquisition leaders whose primary job is to source the organization with an unlimited supply of extraordinary and hardworking employees whose personal motives are aligned with the organizational goals. With supreme confidence and networking skills they have been assisting us with both external and internal hiring efforts since the start of this organization.

Talent Acquisition

Business Expansion


With the enviable professional qualities like PASSION, AGRESSION and CREATIVITY this duo is solely responsible for acquiring new businesses and tapping new markets. Well versed in strategy development and in building trust of the buyers these two bring a lot more skills to the table. Business expansion and acquisition is a challenging role and this passionate duo has been handling this beautifully.


Energetic, competitive and focused are the words that will come to your mind when you meet this trio who have not only acted as a support pillar to the organization but also excels in handling our Sales and Marketing teams. With realistic approach and leadership skills this trio has proved time and again that no target, no goal is unachievable if one has their heads set on the goal. This is the team that makes LEARNING ROUTES what it is today.

Sales Catalyst