Why go for PGDM rather than MBA?

Today when there are thousand of courses and certification available in the market, it gets very difficult for an applicant to differentiate between the courses that follow similar course guidelines. Hence, it is very important to know which course or certification fulfills your personal as well as professional needs.

With the hike in the corporate culture in the country more and more people are opting for higher management studies for not just learning but also to gain advantage over other candidates in this competitive market. While MBA and PGDM are both considered masters, it is important to know which program serve your purpose.

MBA shorts for Master in Business Administration
PGDM shorts for Post Graduate Diploma in Management
While MBA can only be granted by universities and the institute affiliated to universities, PGDM can be offered by both universities and autonomous institutions since it is regulated by AICTE (All India Counsel for Technical Education). While it is important to know the above-mentioned difference in the programs it is important to understand the approach both of these courses take.

The approach these courses take differs significantly. Though MBA is offered by universities the course tends to be more theoretical and focus on book-based studies while PGDM focuses on technical aspects of the management studies which is more practical in nature. The curricula offered by MBA is usually updated after a long period of time since MBA is offered by universities and they need UGC’s approval to change the program curriculum. Since PGDM is offered by autonomous institutions, they need not to take permission from any authorities to up0date the curriculum hence the program offers more real time experience & learning.

If we talk about the industry acceptance of both the programs it would not be wrong to say that PGDM is more acceptable in the corporate sectors as compared to MBA. In fact if we talk about top ranking colleges in the country like IIM’s, XLRI, NMIMS, ISB, MDI, XIMB, SP JAIN, JAMNALAL BAJAJ, etc. they all offer PGDM. MBA is offered by just one top ranking college i.e. FMS (as it comes under Delhi University) .

In a country like India, both PGDM and MBA are considered equal hence it is important to know the in and outs of both the programs and to understand which one of the either fulfills your personal & professional goals.