CMS & ED Course Full Form with Complete Details 2024



09 May, 2024

CMS & ED Course Full Form with Complete Details 2024

Are you one of the experienced people managing small dispensaries in rural or village settings? So you know the value of giving your community access to first aid supplies and necessary medications, particularly during times of need. Even though you may not have official degrees or certificates to prove your qualifications, you may have accumulated significant experience over the years. That’s where the Community Medical Services (CMS) & Essential Drugs (ED) programme comes in. It’s designed with individuals like you in mind, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to enhance your skills and capabilities.

Let’s explore how CMS and ED courses can provide you with the knowledge and abilities to influence healthcare delivery significantly. In this blog, we shall explain what CMS and ED courses are, key highlights, eligibility, and career opportunities.

What is the Full Form of CMS & ED Courses?

CMS & ED stands for Community Medical Services & Essential Drugs. This course was introduced recently. A person who is fully aware of medical treatment by medicine but lacks a degree can obtain a certificate and authorisation through the CMS ED Programme. In general, it is noted that certain medical assistance programs in rural areas are operated without proper authorisation or authority. These individuals can obtain authorisation to work as primary health workers by earning a CMS & ED Diploma. CMS practitioners provide preventive, promotional, and curative healthcare services to underserved communities in various venues, such as mobile medical units, urban health centres, and rural clinics.

Who Can Pursue CMS & ED?

  • CMS & Ed may be a good fit for employees in the medical field.

  • This programme is available to those with medical services experience who have not pursued formal schooling.

  • The Community Medical Services—Essential Drugs Programme offers the finest learning opportunity for those who want to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to treat patients with appropriate medications.

  • Work experience in a specific field might help understand case studies and practical sessions throughout the course.

  • A candidate is available for hybrid mode learning, as laboratories would be used for the practical sessions.

  • A minimum level of education will be acceptable to pursue the CMS & Ed Programme.

  • Physicians in remote areas, nurses, and primary health workers can select CMS & Ed.

Highlights of CMS & ED Courses

  • In the CMS & ED programme, you will study the fundamentals of primary healthcare and discover how to work with your community to meet its healthcare needs.

  • Acquiring health promotion and education knowledge will enable people to take charge of their health.

  • The course will address fundamental drug management, teaching you how to choose, acquire, store, and administer pharmaceuticals effectively.

  • You will acquire knowledge of drug usage practices, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance methods to guarantee the security and effectiveness of the prescriptions you deliver.

  • The CMS & ED programme will not only validate your competence but also improve your capacity to deliver high-quality healthcare services to your community via a blend of theoretical learning and practical experience.

CMS & ED Course Highlights
Name of the Course Community Medical Services & Essential Drugs (CMS & ED) Course
Duration 18 Months
Mode of learning Online & Offline
Eligibility  10+2 from a recognised university (experience required as per institute norms)
Institutes – IGNOU
– National Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi
– Bharat Institute of Paramedical Technology
– Community Medical Services & Training Institute (CMSTI) Lucknow
Career opportunities – Community Health Worker
– Medical Assistant
– Health Educator
– Health Programme Coordinator

CMS & ED Courses: Eligibility Criteria & Duration

If you want to provide medical services to rural populations, you should be aware of the eligibility criteria and duration for obtaining a CMS & ED course. The course duration differs for different colleges and depends on whether you want to pursue a diploma or higher degree. The average duration of CMS & ED courses is 1-2 years. The eligibility criteria are stated below.

  • Individuals who have completed Class 10th and 12th can apply for this course.

  • Relevant work experience is required:

    • For Class 10th graduates: A minimum of 2 years of experience is necessary.

    • For Class 12th graduates with 10+2 mode: A minimum of 1 year of experience is required.

    • No specific stream or subject specialisation is required for admission to the course.

However, the above criteria are general and college-dependent.

CMS & ED Courses: Approvals & Recognitions

Numerous regulatory and accreditation authorities have authorised and recognised the CMS & ED diploma programme. Before enrolling in a university, you need to be aware of the approvals and recognitions. The college should be UGC recognised. Approval from the Indian Nursing Council (INC), Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), and Medical Council of India (MCI).

CMS & ED Diploma Course Syllabus

The course structure of CMS and ED courses depends upon different colleges and course duration. However, check out the list below to get an idea of the average subjects included in the course structure.

Anatomy National Health Problems
Basic Medicine Public Health & Epidemiology
Elementary Obstetrics & Gynaecology Special Health Programs
Environmental Health Communicable Disease
First Aid Psychology & Sociology
Pathology, Pharmacology Medical jurisprudence
Patient Care Practice of Medicine
Home Nursing Common Ailments
Physiology Primary Health Care
Social & Preventive Medicine Elements of Surgery

List of Colleges Offering CMS & ED Course

If you plan to enrol in the CMS & ED course, the colleges listed below will help you receive an authorised degree.

S.No College Name Fee Structure
1 IGNOU INR 60,000
2 National Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi INR 10,000
3 Bharat Institute of Paramedical Technology
4 Community Medical Services & Training Institute (CMSTI) Lucknow INR 15,900
5 Rural Health Education Council

Job Roles & Career Opportunities

After completing the CMS & ED courses you can get many job offers according to your specialisation. The list of job roles is described below.

Job Role Job Description
Community Health Worker Provides basic healthcare services and health education to individuals and families in communities.
Medical Assistant Assist healthcare providers in clinical settings, including clinics, hospitals, and primary care centres.
Health Educator Develop and implement health education programs and initiatives targeting specific populations or community health issues.
Health Programme Coordinator Plan, implement, and evaluate health programs and initiatives to improve community health outcomes.
Healthcare Administrator Manage healthcare facilities, departments, or programs, overseeing operations, budgets, and staff.
Public Health Officer Conduct epidemiological investigations, surveillance, and disease control measures to prevent and respond to public health threats.


Are you enthusiastic about using your medical services to improve the quality of life in your community? Do you want to be a key player in ensuring people who need crucial medications can get them? If so, start your journey for Essential Drugs (ED) and Community Medical Services (CMS).

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