The Top Colleges for MBA in Business Analytics in India



12 April, 2024

The Top Colleges for MBA in Business Analytics in India

Business analyst is one of the most demanded job roles in India. With an average salary of ₹9,50,000 and the highest salary of ₹16,40,000, it is among the top most paying jobs. If you are someone who wants to step ahead while acing the game of business world.

An MBA in Business Analytics is the hot trending course of the decade. Let us get you ready for the successful race of a lifetime.

Why Pursue an MBA in Business Analytics?

This two-year postgraduate programme combines corporate insights, managerial tactics, technological expertise, and practical communication abilities. It also includes the basic business analytics curriculum of an MBA, which includes computer science knowledge and principles, business practices, and methods for making sound and efficient judgements.

Statistical analysis is heavily utilised across all functional domains of business analytics in this sector. Due to the abundance and variety of data available, organisations now have a great deal of opportunity to use data to create new action plans and enhance current ones.


Some of the standard eligibility include a 50-60% aggregate score in an undergraduate degree. Some colleges require work experience of 2-5 years in a relevant field. You may be required to appear for a state-level entrance such as CAT, XAT or MAT, depending on the university’s requirement for the MBA programme.

Here is a summary of different modes of colleges, regular, distance and online MBA in Business Analytics:

Programme Type Eligibility Entrance Exams
Regular MBA in Business Analytics – Bachelor’s degree in any subject.
– Minimum of 50-60% aggregate marks.
– May require 1-5 years of experience in business.
Distance MBA in Business Analytics – Bachelor’s degree in any field
– Minimum 50% to 55% aggregate marks (with relaxation for reserved categories)
May not be required for all universities, however, some universities may conduct university-level exams
Online MBA in Business Analytics – Bachelor’s degree in any field
– Minimum 50% to 55% marks (with relaxation for reserved categories)
Not required for all universities.

Perks of Pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics: The Golden Ticket

  1. Rich Career Prospects:

    Completing an MBA in Business Analytics would provide you with a bag full of job opportunities. The top 06 jobs that are currently making headlines are

    Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Big Data Guru, IT Director, Risk Manager and Investment Fund Manager. An MBA in Business Analytics would cover you for a lifetime of rewarding career choices.

  2. Become a Pro:

    An MBA in Business Analytics would make you a professional in managing the landscape of business. You would be able to easily sail through the ocean of complexities in analysis. You would develop enhanced skills in decision-making and problem-solving.

  3. Highlight Your Career Journey:

    In today’s business world, make yourself an exceptional expert. After completing your MBA in business analytics, you can compete in today’s business world. Moreover, your job profile will have extra shining stars all over it. This will give you an advantage in getting noticed by top recruiters and employers around the globe.

  4. Cross-Functional Skills:

    Embrace the opportunity to develop a versatile skill set that transcends boundaries and opens doors to diverse career paths. MBA programmes in Business Analytics offer a holistic learning experience, equipping you with quantitative analysis, data interpretation, and strategic thinking skills. With such proficiency, you’ll excel in various roles and functions within organisations, carving your path to success with unwavering confidence and resilience.

Top Colleges for MBA in Business Analytics

Now you have read about the multiple benefits of MBA business analytics, let us introduce you to the next big step of getting your success mantra together. Selecting from the top colleges for an MBA in Business Analytics.

Here are the top colleges for MBA in Business Analytics:

Best Regular / Full-time MBA Colleges:

If you are someone who loves the traditional classes’ creativity, challenges and interaction then a regular MBA in business analytics is the perfect fit for you. Here are some of the best regular MBA in business analytics colleges in India with their fees in INR:

Name of the College  Fees (INR)
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade INR 17,16,506
Lovely Professional University INR 2,50,000 per semester
Amity University INR 3,36,000 annual
Chandigarh University INR 1,55,000 per semester
UPES INR 18,56,484 full course

Best Online / Distance MBA Colleges:

Distance/Online institutions are a great option if you live far from the campus of your ideal MBA programme. Distance and online MBA courses would provide you with e-libraries, and you can also use the on-campus facilities. You will be guided by faculty and mentors. You can study at your own pace while managing your work-life balance. Here is a list of online and distance MBA programmes in business analytics, along with tier fees:

Name of the College  Fees (INR)
UPES INR 1,50,000 full course
BITS Pilani INR 2,72,000 full course
Chandigarh University INR 2,00,000 full course
Amity University INR 1,79,000 full course
Uttaranchal University INR 80,000 full course
Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth INR 1,40,200 full course
SRM Institute of Science and Technology INR 47,250 per semester
Lovely Professional University INR 40,000


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Choosing Your Perfect Fit

Finding the right college is the key. Consider these factors before finalising a college for an MBA in Healthcare:

  • Set a Budget:

    Once you decide that an MBA in business analytics is the right specialisation course for you, the second step is to set a budget. Set a budget according to your pocket.

    You can also apply for government scholarship programmes. There are different fee waivers, and loans to complete your MBA in business analytics without any financial hurdles.

  • Confirm your Career Goals:

    Set your career goals. After picking the right specialisation and feed, match your career goals to the selected specialisation. Make sure that you are aligned towards your career aspiration.

  • Pick your Mode of Learning:

    Pick your mode of learning. Choose which type of learning mode best fits your personal life and schedule. If you are a working professional, consider what would provide you the most flexibility. Choose the format that best suits your learning style and lifestyle. You can choose from a regular, distance, or online MBA in business analytics.

  • Reputation and Accreditation:

    Lastly, make sure to pick a college/university with good reviews, accreditation, and ranking. Choosing an accredited and top-ranked college would benefit your long-term career. It is an investment in your career. This step includes verifying with good projects, student cell support, expert faculty, and placement cells and will ensure a good future for placement after you complete the course.


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Short Shot of Information: Pick Your Fit

To help you decide which option is ideal for you, the following is a summary of the Regular, Distance, and Online MBA programmes at business analytics colleges:

Factors Regular MBA Distance MBA Online MBA
Learning Environment Live talks, seminars, and workshops Recorded lectures and study resources available online Real-time commitment and live Internet interactions
Flexibility Limited flexibility due to full-time commitment Flexible scheduling, study at own pace Flexible scheduling, study at own pace
Interaction Personalised guidance from faculty, peer interactions Virtual interaction with faculty, classmates Live online interactions, real-time engagement with peers
Campus Resources Access to libraries, labs, career centres Reliance on online resources, limited access to campus Depends on online resources.
Affordability Higher fees due to campus infrastructure Relatively lower fees compared to regular MBA Often carries the most affordable price tag
Challenges Potential impact on work/personal life Requires self-discipline, may miss out on campus community Technical glitches, potential distractions at home


Pursuing your dream in business can be achieved easily through the perfect blend of MBA college and projects that you do. An MBA in Business Analytics can unlock a world of opportunities and propel your career to new heights. By acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to harness the power of data, you’ll be well-positioned to drive organisational success, lead innovation, and make a meaningful impact in today’s dynamic business environment. So why wait? Take the first step towards a brighter future by enrolling in an MBA program in Business Analytics today!

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