XLRI Online MBA and PGDM Programmes Guide: 2024



29 May, 2024

XLRI Online MBA and PGDM Programmes Guide: 2024

With global industries going through significant changes, the need for strategic management professionals with strong niche skills has increased significantly. In an hour like this, acquiring management education is even more important. An MBA degree/management education has always been a premier educational programme due to its countless benefits. Across the globe, there are thousands of institutions offering management courses, given how valuable and popular they have become over the decades. It is not wrongly said when the experts say that management studies are the need of the hour, knowing the return on investment.

Several institutions in India offer top-notch online MBA/PGDM programmes. The Xavier School of Management, popularly known as XLRI, is the epitome of world-class management education in India. The online MBA from XLRI offers flexibility, a vast alumni network, high credibility in the job market, and better career opportunities.

In this blog, we have explained the provisions of online MBA/PGDM from XLRI.

XLRI: A New Thought of Learning

XLRI started in 1949 and is one of the oldest business schools in India and the first institute to offer management courses via online mode. XLRI offers management-centric high-level education with a mission to give the best of the knowledge in the field of management through different educational programmes.

XLRI in 2022, introduced a new learning system; VIL (virtual interactive learning) that works on the concept of providing management education to working professionals without bringing any hindrance to their job. Through VIL, the institute introduced modes of online management learning, distance management learning, and a part-time management programme, specially curated for the working class.

After admission into the Online MBA/PGDM programme, the learners must visit the campus for only seven days during the first, third, and sixth terms.

A Glimpse of Online MBA From XLRI

XLRI offers an online Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) with an integrated approach to management-related skills in different domains. This unique learning methodology allows working professionals to build their management profiles without taking a career break. The eLearning model of XLRI offers flexibility to facilitate career progression with insightful content. The institute provides a PGDM/MBA programme in three specialisations: Business Management, Finance and HR Management. The course is a blend of online sessions and campus immersion. You will have to visit thrice weekly during terms 1, 3, and 5 as part of the campus immersion programme. You can customise your degree per individual needs to bridge the gap between offline and online education.

Highlights of Online PGDM/MBA From XLRI

Courses Offered  Online PGDM
Course Duration  2 years
Course Fee INR 13.9 lakh full course
Accreditation  AACSB
Specialisations Offered  Business Management
HR Management
Study Mode  Online sessions

Why Online MBA from XLRI?

XLRI comes under the top management institutes of India. The institute holds good placement records and has a very strong industrial background that gives students a lot of opportunities after completing their degree.

  • Study the two-year online programme approved by AICTE

  • 3 weeks immersion programme at XLRI campuses

  • Direct-to-device mode to learn from anywhere

  • Complete career guidance support

  • Digital library facility to access a pool of learning resources

  • Exclusive scholarships for top performers

  • Partial fee waivers for reserved category students/women

  • Availability of bank loans to ease the financial burden

  • Innovative and immersive learning

  • Strong alumni network

The curriculum of XLRI Online MBA

The coursework for XLRI online MBA/PGDM is different for each specialisation you choose. Here is the detailed syllabus for the course:

For Business Management Specialisation:

Term I  Human Resource Management
Individual & Group Behaviour in Organisation
Managerial Accounting I
Marketing Management I
Managerial Economics
Quantitative Technique I
Business Law
Term II Financial Management I
Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
Managerial Accounting II
Marketing Management II
Operation Management I
Quantitative Technique II
Term III Financial Management II
Organisational Structure, Design &  Change
Management Information System
Communication Matters
Operation Management II
Strategic Management
Term IV  Business Research Methods
Corporate Ethics
Corporate Sustainability
Operations Research

For Human Resource Management Specialisation:

Term I  Business Economics
Fundamentals of Industrial Relations
HR Research Methodology
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Individual & Group Behaviour in Organisation
Human Resource Planning
Term II  Group & Team Dynamics
Employment Relations Laws I
Employment Relation Laws II
Corporate Accounting & Finance
Operation Management
Staffing and Employer Branding
Communication Matters
Managerial Counselling
Strategic Management
Organisational Structure, Design & Change
Managerial Competency & Career Development
Term IV  Corporate Ethics
Corporate Sustainability
Organisational Change and Development
Principles & Practices of Leadership
Psychometric Testing at Workplace
Compensation and Rewards Management Including Executive Compensation
Term V Coaching & Mentoring
HR Tools & Techniques
Human Capital Strategy and Systems
Learning & Development
Managing Creativity and Innovation
Performance Management System
Thriving in Political Environments
Term VI  Behaviour/ Social Analytics
Cross-cultural Management
HRM in Unconventional Industries: Practice Approach
Indian Philosophy for Management
Positive Organisational Psychology
International HRM
Managing Diverse Workforce
HR Analytics

For Finance Specialisation:

Term I  Financial Reporting & Analysis
Corporate Finance I
Economics for Finance Professionals
Quantitative Methods for Finance
Communication for Finance Professionals
Financial Services Marketing
Term II  Management Accounting
Corporate Finance II
Financial & Securities Markets
Financial Modelling with Excel & R
Business Ethics & Leadership
Securities Markets Regulations
Term III  Fixed Income Securities
Equity Valuation
Portfolio Management
Finance Research Management
Financial Management Simulation
Market Microstructure and Trading
Summer Internship/Project
Term IV Financial Securities
Mergers & Acquisition
Commercial Banking
Behavioural Finance
Strategic Management Simulation
Code of Ethics & Standards
Finance in Practice I
Term V  Project Finance
Financial Risk Management
Mutual Funds & Wealth Management
Fundamental Analysis
Fintech & Digital Finance
Finance in Practice II
Term VI  Finance & Sustainability
International Finance
Entrepreneurial Finance
Data Science & Machine Learning
Investment Banking
Capstone Project

What is the Eligibility for the Online MBA From XLRI?

XLRI online MBA/PGDM programme has the following eligibility criteria:

  • You should have completed your undergraduate from a recognised university with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • A bachelor’s degree from an institution recognised by the Ministry of Education, Government of India
  • You must be working full-time at the time of commencement of the programme.

Admission Process

The following are some steps you need to follow to be eligible to be admitted into the Online MBA/PGDM programme at XLRI.

  • Candidates need to visit the university’s official website, and applying early is always a benefit since the institution has a limited number of seats for the programme.
  • First, the candidates will be shortlisted and then appear for a personal interview, after which they will receive a confirmation of their admission.
  • If selected after the personal interview, the candidate must submit all the required documents and have them verified.
  • After the document verification, the last step would be the fee payment.
  • After completing all the processes, the candidates will secure a place for themselves in the MBA programme, which a message, phone call, or email will confirm.

XLRI Online MBA Scholarships and Fee Waivers

To ensure that financial constraints do not affect any student’s academic goals and to ease the financial burden of needy students, XLRI offers various scholarships. The scholarship amount is adjusted in the total programme fee. Following is the distribution of scholarships offered to online MBA students from XLRI:

Category  Scholarship Amount 
Woman Student INR 1,00,000
ST/SC Student INR 1,00,000
PwD INR 1,00,000

Any enrolled student belonging to the above-mentioned category can avail of the fee waiver facility as well. The fee waived is then adjusted in the 2nd fee instalment. The fee for such candidates is INR 11.9 which will be paid in 6 installments. Apart from this, the top performers of the batch can also get an academic scholarship of INR 50,000 by the end of the first year.

For Corporate Sponsored Students

The institute offers fee waivers for candidates who are sponsored by their companies.

No. of Sponsored Students  Fee Waiver (per student) 
1 – 4 INR 1, 00,000
5 – 9 INR 1,50,000
10 and above INR 2,00,000

Note: the corporate-sponsored fee waiver is applicable only if there is an agreement between the institution and the company.

Career Pathways After Online MBA From XLRI

Job Roles  Average Salary 
Portfolio Manager INR 12.3 LPA
Corporate Financial Advisor INR 4.7 LPA
HR Consultant INR 5.3 LPA
Project Manager INR 17.3 LPA
Investment Banker INR 17 LPA
Supply Chain Manager INR 14.1 LPA
Compliance Manager INR 13.2 LPA
Employee Relations Manager INR 9.6 LPA
Product Manager INR 21.3 LPA


Q1. Is XLRI online PGDM worth it?

XLRI is a premier management school in India which is accredited by AACSB and AMBA. Therefore, the online PGDM qualification from this institution is highly regarded in front of employers. However, the worth depends on your goals and expectations from the programme.

Q2. Does XLRI provide an online MBA?

XLRI offers an online PGDM programme which is equivalent to an MBA degree.

Q3. Are XLRI Online MBA and PGDM programmes accredited?

XLRI offers an online PGDM programme which is accredited by AACSB and AMBA and approved by AICTE.

Q4. What are the eligibility requirements for the XLRI Online MBA and PGDM programmes?

The candidate must acquire his/her bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognised university or an institution recognised by the Government of India. Also, the applicant must be a working professional at the time of the course.

Q5. What is the fee structure for the XLRI Online MBA and PGDM programmes?

The programme fee for the online PGDM/MBA programme in XLRI is INR 13.9 LPA which is paid in six installments.

Q6. What are the key differences between the XLRI Online MBA and PGDM programmes?

The online MBA and PGDM programmes are equivalent except for a few differences such as the course duration and coursework. A PGDM programme is more practice-based whereas, an MBA covers both theory and practical concepts.

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