Is Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya Distance Education Good?



27 March, 2024

Is Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya Distance Education Good?

Greetings from Chitrakoot, a place where stories flow from every corner and where time appears to be standing still waiting for someone to unveil. Hidden behind the pure and holy rivers and thick vegetation, Chitrakoot is a lot more than just a place.

This place is not only linked to Mahatma Gandhi ji, but he still holds a place in the hearts of everyone there. He always emphasised promoting that schooling should foster the whole transition of an individual’s mind, body, and soul.

Students studying in Chitrakoot not only get theoretical knowledge but also go on the path of self-discovery and social responsibility.

Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya is one such University that offers an education that perfectly blends with human ideals and the history of cultures.

In this blog, we will be exploring it in very depth, join us till the end.

Let’s Go!

Want To Know About MGCGV?

Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya is a perfect blend of values, ethics, and rural development. Established in 1991, it was started to provide quality education to the underprivileged section of the society.

MGCGV knows the importance of education, how difficult it is for the rural population to access it, and how challenges they face later in their lives.

It has 15  departments and offers a wide range of subjects including applied sciences, environment, food technology, etc.

What Are Its Accreditations and Approvals?

As proof of providing authentic and quality education, MGCGV’s programmes are recognised and approved by many renowned governing bodies, which are:

  • Accredited by NAAC With ‘A’ Grade
  • NCTE

What Are The Courses They Offer?

This university provides a wide array of courses in various fields. We have made a compiled list of distance learning programmes offered by them along with the duration and the fees.

They are as follows:

Undergraduate Courses:

Courses Duration Fees
B.A 3 Years INR 4,200/-
B.Com 3 Years INR 6,700/-
B.S.W 3 Years INR 9,200/-

Post-Graduate Courses:

Courses Duration Fees
M.A. English 2 Years INR 6,700/-
M.A. Hindi 2 Years INR 6,700/-
M.A. History 2 Years INR 6,700/-
M.A. Political 2 Years INR 6,700/-
M.A. RD 2 Years INR 6,700/-
M.A. Sanskrit 2 Years INR 6,700/-
M.Com 2 Years INR 11,700/-
M.S.W 2 Years INR 11,700/-

Is The Faculty Well Experienced?

The faculty of MGCGV are selected through a rigorous procedure and their commitment to academic success ensures that students receive an outstanding education that is further enhanced by hands-on experience and knowledge from the real world.

Keeping in mind the disconnection students studying from distance learning might feel, they foster a vibrant environment and create active involvement from everyone by adopting interactive teaching approaches.

What Learning Resources Are Available?

They have a dedicated section on their website for Learning Resources, they are as follows:

  • E-Books: They provide links to various relevant books related to the curriculum and study materials.
  • Audio/ Video Lectures: They have the facility to provide students with audio and video lectures and links to various resources for better understanding and thorough understanding of the subjects.

  • Question Banks: They have provided a dedicated section for questions and previous year’s questions for various subjects.

What Is Student Support?

Acknowledging the fact that students studying from distance learning face issues and challenges. MGCGV has made a dedicated panel for the following:

Here, you can fill out the form by providing all the details, it will soon get resolved.

Why Choose Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya?

If you are planning to do a distance learning programme from MGCGV, there are several factors to support your decision and ease your college hunt. They are as follows:

  • Approved Programmes: All the programmes offered by them are UGC-DEB, which makes them accepted and authentic all over the world.
  • Flexibility: You can pursue your degree from the comfort of your home without going out, at your own pace this will eventually lead to better understanding.
  • Variety of Courses: They will provide you with a wide range of courses which you can select according to your choice and future preferences.
  • Affordability: The fees of all the offered courses are very pocket-friendly which will be easier to your pocket and helps in managing your finances.


The Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya stands as a beacon in the field of providing distance learning education. That is relevant and widely accepted in the later job market.

Above, we have covered everything you need to know about MGCGV before enrolling in any course.


Q1. Is MGCGV a Government or private university?

MGCGV is a government state University.

Q2. Is Chitrakoot University DDE recognized by UGC and other accreditation bodies?

Yes, the DDE at Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya University is recognised by UGC-DEB, NAAC, and AICTE.

Q3. Can international students apply for Chitrakoot University DDE programs?

Yes, students from any part of the world can apply for distance education at the University.

Q4. How are study materials provided to distance learners?

The study materials are provided in the form of E-books, audio-video lectures, and question banks for exam preparations.

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